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Medical care

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  • Last updated:2024-06-20
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The medical care room works on drafting the school health plan and instructing health & cleanness checks, student health checks, disease care, contagious disease protection, health counseling, storing and preparing medicine, procuring and managing inspection materials, managing wards and nursery training. It also works on reporting and informing student’s sickness or death and other related medical care events.


Student’s medical care and health care

  • The School has one medical doctor, one surgical doctor, one dentist, one home medicine doctor and one psychological doctor coming to school to support medical care work weekly. Student can get direct medical care in the school; if unable to handle student’s medical status in school, the School will send the patient out for better medical care. Also, the School has recruited ophthalmologic doctor quarterly coming to school making sight test to maintain student’s sight health.
  • The School has signed medical care contract with the Hsinchu Hospital, Renci Hospital (in Hukou), Donyuan General Hospital (in Chubei) and Kangxin Clinic (in Hsinfeng), prior providing hospital wards to the School other than outpatient care.
  • Regularly check student’s health (per quarter); and follow the physical exam result to continually trace student’s growth status as responding to the delay-of-growth cases and abnormal cases from the mean value made in the physical exam records. Enhance to strengthen student’s health condition and incubate good health habit to meet the health-protection effort
  • To strengthen student’s health-keeping and healthy living concept, the School will prepare 2~3 cases announcing to students in the class meeting times per semester.
  • Make medical care and health column billboard to share professional medical knowledge.
  • Regularly ask the Health Bureau of Hsinchu County to support us screening out AIDS, syphilis and making chest X-ray check.
  • Monthly screen out student’s urine sample.
  • Invite experts and scholars to the School making speech on common health knowledge and prevention of epidemic diseases.
  • Purchase sterilizing liquid to regularly clean and disinfect classes, offices, kitchen and etc regularly.
  • To protect from the Dengue Fever, the School requests the Hsinchu County Government EPB and Hsinfeng Township Office send professionals to make surrounding sterilizing work in summer time.
  • Co-check kitchen’s cleanness status with ethics personnel on mid-day of each month to sustain student’s dining health and safety.
  • Doctor sends out prescription and pharmacist makes up the “unit dosage” medication, hands to class conductor to sign of reception, stored in the medicine box to collect together, and send to students per doctor’s order.
  • At end of each month, the School will co-check medicine inventory with ethics and accounting personnel. The monthly/semi-yearly medicine balance sheets are filed after reported.
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