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Teaching Goal

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Students accepted are juveniles age under 18, being sentenced to take reform program; rated student amount taken is 299, actual amount varies dynamically.

Follow the “General Regulations to Build and Juvenile Correction School and Perform Education Program” to correct the sentenced juveniles, reforming them to adjust society life. The teaching program of correction school should be targeted on improving student’s moral integrity, character and knowledge & skill’ and school should enhance the counseling task to enable them suitable to social life.


The School’s target is to enable students go on completing the fundamental knowledge background; using diverse teaching ways reforming students to re-fit into social life. Through the humanized, living, flexible, integrated and modernized learning activities on the relation of people and oneself, social and nature, teach students fundamental knowledge, incubate the lifelong learning capability and substantially develop them into active, positive, teamwork, explorative, deep-vision and creative citizens.


The ordinary teaching department should supply students the general civil education program and personal high school education, elevating their learning and communication capability. On particular the teaching department should emphasize on adjusting student’s mental condition and enable them to adjust normal society environment; also, the School will use vocational skill training program to improve student’s capability on making a living.

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