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Security guarding

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  • Last updated:2024-06-20
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The School uses complete teaching model and elevated work staff quality and professional to effectively correct student’s inferior habit, boosting them to reform and accommodate to normal social life (refer to the “General Regulations to Build and Juvenile Correction School and Perform Education Program”, Article 17, Item 1, 5 & 6); to meet the planned functions and reduce student’s mental pressure of under detention, making them grow up normally under kind and warm campus environment, workers in the Discipline Department are responsible to manage student’s daily life and class discipline; security guards wearing uniform is responsible to campus security duty. This is different from ordinary prison and becomes a feature of the juvenile correction school.


Security guarding team takes care of school patrol, security guarding, outer-delivery and emergency response on natural disaster, escape or others; it also is responsible to preserve and use custody devices, distribute guarding duties and execute other security works.

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