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Diversified counseling

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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  • Counsel student’s livelihood.
  • Counsel new student starting study and assess his/her demanding.

  • Perform class counseling activity program.

  • Perform small group counseling.

  • Counsel rule-breaking student.

  • Counsel student’s mails.

  • Counsel student who fails to accommodate to the schooling life well.

  • Teaching and volunteer counseling

  • Build counseling network

  • Help the parents or teacher discussion.

  • Enhance contacting student’s parents and former school teachers.

  • Counseling service

  • De-tattoo activity: help student to remove tattoo from body, reduce unnecessary

  • roblem in further study and job attending from it. Up to now, 752students are in favor

  • rom this activity. 

  • Scholarship for economically difficult student: we use the public donation to hold

  • cholarship, helping economically difficult or isolated students to apply for it under the

  • ssistance of conductor, mentor or counseling teacher.

  • Arrange, apply social resource to help counseling students.
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