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LOVE and HOPE Create a New Future for Children


  • History

    Chengjheng High School, built in July 1 1999, is the first juvenile correction school built exclusively to collect juveniles sentenced to take reform program according to the “General Regulations to Build and Juvenile Correction School and Perform Education Program”.     The school is affiliated to MOJ yet supervised by Ministry of Education on related education implementation. To fulfill the education detention idea, providing juvenile inmates chance to continue education program, the Authority thus has built the Chengjheng High School (the School) in Hsinchu County and Ming Yang Correctional High School in Kaohsiung County, which have become the innovative institutes performing both correction and normal schooling education.   The School targets the moral integrity counseling, morality education and skill training as the teaching targets, expecting that the juveniles age under 18 being sentenced to take correction program can correct their bad habits through school education; boosting them to correct errors and accommodate to society life. The School has recruited excellent teachers and applies small class system in teaching; students in a class won’t exceed 25 students. 4 quarters per year, and 35 teaching hrs per week identical to ordinary elementary and junior/senior high.    To meet the new education trend and coordinate with the nine-year consecutive schooling  program for children, our teaching points are: boost 10 basic capability of civilian education (realize self developing potential and appreciation, make lifelong plan, respect, care, teamwork, cultural learning, international realization, lean to plan, organize and fulfill, apply technology and information, actively research and explore, independently think and solve problem). The teaching intention is: humanized mood, integration capability, democracy learning, hometown & international sense and lifelong learning. Perform the seven learning fields (language, health & physical training, society, art & humanity, math, nature & living skill and synthetic activities). In the high school program, in addition to the obligatory program, we also have arranged the computer software application, cooking, automobile repair, motor repair and ad design courses to incubate students and inspire their diverse learning intention.   The Discipline Division selects one class mentor (by teacher) and one guider to each class; and one full-time counselor to each 2~3 classes. They can express the functions of both crime correction and teaching counseling by rewarding rather than punishment, tending to inspire the self-discipline and responsibility sense of juvenile students. We welcome student parents or guardians to contact us closely and join the home support and correction program in the prospect of helping students to step forward to the light side of life.   Our teaching goal is “Love and Hope”, tending to find back student’s motivation to get achievement, build correct value; we use “hard discipline” and “lovely teaching” to plan and perform all teaching & correcting activities; use teaching personnel’s actual behavior to demonstrate and conduct students.


  • Organization

    The school affiliates to MOJ; the administration organization includes one principal, one vice principal, and one secretary. Units in the lower administration tier include the Office of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs Office, Counselor's Office, Office of General Affairs, Guards, Personnel Office, Accounting and Statistics Office, Civil Service Ethics Office and Medical Services to handle the respective works. The school has built the school administration meeting attended by principal, vice principal, secretary, department or office directors and all faculty members. School principal is the meeting chairman and the meeting will discuss about related school affairs. This meeting will be held at least once per quarter, another temporary meeting might be held if essential. Other meetings include the teaching meeting, discipline meeting and counsel meeting; attendees are from related unit members, held to discuss important teaching, discipline and counsel agendas. Regarding student's behavior accumulation, abolishing or terminating the reform education to respective student and scholarship affairs, the School has set up the student behavior accumulation review meeting, student pleading commission meeting, and student scholarship review meeting to deal with them.                                                    

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