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Target of teaching program

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The idea of all teaching program is around the center of life and coordinates to student’s physical/ mental developing status; the program can show respect to individual’s development and inspire personal potential; by means of vocational education and art healing therapy, we correct and cultivate student’s behavior and incubate democracy disposition, respect diverse culture value, increase scientific knowledge and accommodate to modern lifestyle.


Junior high portion:

To realize the teaching purpose, we fledge student’s fundamental capability over teaching program; guiding student and dedicating to fulfill the teaching goal of nine-year continual courses listed below:

  1. Boost student to understand himself/herself and develop personal potential.
  2. Incubate student’s appreciation, display, beauty-review and creation capability.
  3. Elevate student capability to plan for career and perform lifelong learning.
  4. Incubate student’s capability of idea expression, communication and share.
  5. Develop student’s character to learn to respect others, care for the society and increase teamwork.
  6. Boost student to learn culture and international vision.
  7. Increase student’s capability to plan, organize and fulfill works.
  8. Increase student’s capability to apply technology and information.
  9. Inspire student to actively explore and study.
  10. Incubate student to think and solve problem independently.

High School Portion:

The teaching program contains culture, humanity and vocational training, funding student’s basis of career development, incubating their capability to attend jobs or go on studying; being able to meet employer’s requirement on fundamental knowledge and practical skill. We introduce students dedicated to meet the following targets:

  1. Increase vocational knowledge and incubate fundamental capability of job attending. By the core of practice, assisted with essential theorem, fledging student’s innovative thinking to solve problem, adjust to change and develop themselves.
  2. Learn vocational ethics; incubate the work attitude of honest, diligent, teamwork, responsible to job attended.
  3. Promote cultural and technical background, enrich living intensive, focus on character and cultural promotion and art appreciation to fledge student’s disposition.
  4. Respect student’s career selection; inspire their interest and capability to learn more; enhance the fledging of work and living ability to fund the basis of lifelong learning and career development.
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