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The school affiliates to MOJ; the administration organization includes one principal, one vice principal, and one secretary. Units in the lower
administration tier include the Office of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs Office, Counselor's Office, Office of General Affairs, Guards,
Personnel Office, Accounting and Statistics Office, Civil Service Ethics Office and Medical Services to handle the respective works.

The school has built the school administration meeting attended by principal, vice principal, secretary, department or office directors and all faculty
members. School principal is the meeting chairman and the meeting will discuss about related school affairs. This meeting will be held at least once per
quarter, another temporary meeting might be held if essential. Other meetings include the teaching meeting, discipline meeting and counsel meeting; attendees are from related unit members, held to discuss important teaching, discipline and counsel agendas.

Regarding student's behavior accumulation, abolishing or terminating the reform education to respective student and scholarship affairs, the School has
set up the student behavior accumulation review meeting, student pleading commission meeting, and student scholarship review meeting to deal with


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