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Enrich the discipline activities

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  • Last updated:2024-06-20
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  •  Law enforcement education speeches:

Inviting the procuratorate of Hsinchu Local Court assigning procurator to the School holding law enforcement education speech once per month; explain related legal knowledge to students.


  •  Hold student family meetings:

Held at Chinese Lunar New Year Festival, Mother’s Day and Middle Moon Festival each year; counsel the Teaching Department to perform student works result and teaching resource exhibition; the Counsel Department also make student relative’s education; touched and warm. About 300 student relatives will attend at each family meeting.


  •  Handle student clubs:

Hold student club activity once per week; invite outer source to be the club instructor. So far there are paper & pottery club, band music club, industrial drafting club, Chinese tie band, computer club, car study club, reading club, Western-style pastry cooking club, folk custom skills club (two classes opened), handwriting club and singing club, 12 clubs in total. Class attending way is based on the original student class, students select the club they prefer; the School will hold an exhibition each half of year. Among them, the folk custom skills club (including dragon dancing and lion dancing sub-club), built in May 2004, can be treated as the most characterized one; it can exalt traditional culture and join student’s past experience and school education to meet the full education purpose through skill and character learning.


  • Handle the quarter-initiation ceremony:

Four times per year; performed on the class initiation day of each quarter; in the ceremony, we invite school principal to make lecture and grant awards to students, letting each student have many chances to be inspired.


  • Edit and publish the Chengjheng Quarterly, Chengjheng Articles Collection and Chengjheng Arts:

To cultivate another mental garden in the School, we publish the Chengjheng Quarterly on the 28th of Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec each year. Also, we collect the inspired articles from students and edit into the Chengjheng Articles Collection publication, and art articles into Chengjheng Arts.


  •  Hold law test:

Hold law test in Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec of each year, and report the result to MOJ.


  •  Hold teaching competitions:

Including the dancing, patriotic song, class chorus and karaoke completions held irregularly.


  •  Hold school anniversary campus athletic games:

To increase student’s team familiarity, strengthen their bodies, improve campus harmony and reinforce law obeying idea, we follow MOJ regulation of not extravagant or waste in implementing any ceremony activity, hold school anniversary campus athletic games to let students learn the importance of athlete spirit and teamwork.


  • Handle student’s off-class recreation activities:

To let students attend diverse activities, we invite the Li De Team of Xing Xin Club, FU JEN Catholic University, Ann Lui Gospel Club, National Palace Museum, stage play (Ke-Le-Guo Troupe, Hsinchu World Senior High School-TV & Movie Division), Juvenile After-Care Association, Prison Fellowship Taiwan, Bread of Life Christian Church, Wisdom Act Foundation, Hsinchu County Women Association, Saint Care Association and Taiwan After-Care Association coming to the School to perform student activities in the teaching preparation week at end of each quarter.

  • Test student’s physical status:

To comply with the Enforced Regulations of Physical Condition Test proclaimed by Ministry of Education and comprehend the deviation between the School students and nationwide random sampled result, we test students’ physical capability at physical exercising classes.


  • Teach students new health gymnastics:

To strengthen student’s physical condition and learn the habit of lifelong exercise, we thus arrange the MOE-proclaimed new health gymnastics to be exercised at physical exercising classes.


  • Hold celebration activities:

We hold various celebration activities at different celebration days (Christmas, Lantern Festival and etc.) to increase the relation between teachers and students.

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