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"Heart Hope bakery" was held Baking Contest cum Exhibition of Achievement on Oct.15

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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"Heart Hope bakery" was held  Baking Contest cum Exhibition of Achievement on Oct.15 Hope Heart school held bake bakery-cum-competition exhibition of achievements of today, while Ann Row Student Orchestra concerts add to the fun, the vice president and student orchestra concert Zhongren Gui "days After lively singing "kicks off in enthusiasm. "Heart Hope bakery" is slow by the Hsinchu District Prosecutors Office to prosecute gold, Unimicron shares Community parts Co., Ltd. and other sponsored Hsinchu logistics into Legislation aimed at school teachers to teach students by baking solid foundation, the integration industry Experience world heritage and innovation master, so that students in countless sweat, learn the most Valuable knowledge of technology, and daily production of fresh baked goods, providing near Disadvantaged groups, to share love and hope. To express the most sincere welcome to the VIP meaning, Hong Ming Yan school principal particularly in Today 13:00 defying strong winds, personally greet the guests at the school gate, another of the second Baking Contest invited Royal Hsinchu Hotel pastry chef room Shiying Yi, Bufo Hospitality Studies Department of Management Professor Luo Qifu, as well as hand-made baking Xu Xiangming division Mitchell Fu, who act as judges. In the top-level faculty guidance and students' creative efforts Next, those who have to play the game to learn, demonstrate skills, at the same time, the school is also the venue Arrangements for student orchestra impromptu performances, can be said is another highlight of the event, the singer and Student Orchestra guitarist, erhu hand, hand drums consisting of a total of five people, only a short Several months of practice, with a passion for music, already Zhuoranyoucheng, it is scraping Phase project to see. "You do not care about my past, I saw my wings; you say to be burned Too, to appear Phoenix. "While enjoying Cheng Ching Middle School in the heart of Hope baking results, While listening to the interpretation of the student orchestra Mayday "stubborn" song, we like Almost saw the group of children who stumble in the headwind fly again.
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