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[News]Peace of Mind Knight Test Project

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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      Hsinchu City Supervision Station today (4/25) day and correction school Chengzheng middle school for "peace of mind knight test project", hoping to implement corrective education, so that children can go out here, pay more attention to traffic safety.

    The school training group Jiang teacher juvenile because of the students without a ride and hang his license plate was the police stopped, accompanied by police in the police station to the morning; later he went to the correction school, found that many students after school Riding a locomotive, accident and death or death, so that he can think deeply about what they can do for the students, and then to promote cooperation with the supervision station "peace of mind knight test project."

    Hsinchu City supervision stationmaster Zhu Shiheng that can be lost to the young people out of the warm hands, is the responsibility of the state, the future will continue to apply for examination and Taoist practice, give children the opportunity to rise to face the police.

    Jiang said that although many of them encountered difficulties, thanks to all units work together, especially Taian ENT is willing to go to school to help students physical examination, from the physical examination, written examination, test, practice once in place. Today, a total of 16 students enrolled, a total of 9 qualified, passing pass rate is 100%, showing that students cherish the opportunity to obtain a driver's license.

(Hsinchu City supervision station) / Hsinchu City supervision station (4/25) day and correction school Chengzheng middle school for "peace of mind knight test project", hope to implement corrective education.

Peace of Mind Knight Test Project
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