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[NEWS]Health Care Foot Full of Pressure Teacher Class

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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     Mother's Day is coming soon, for the expression of the mother and family's gratitude, the Ministry of Labor Labor Development Bureau Taizhu Miao Branch and the Department of Justice Department of Correctional Services is to work together for "health care foot full of pressure teacher class", selected in the Mother's Day On the eve of the kiss held a result published, 28 probation juvenile chorus shouting "Please let me serve you!" And 90 degrees bent over to the relatives and friends from all the way to the bow, the official published for the results prelude! Feeling young people are all show their talents, while the family massage the shoulder, the foot, but also affectionately asked the strength is not suitable, connected, service in place attitude, so that parents are full of praise, the scene filled with warm and happy, happy atmosphere of!

     87 years of probation young boy (a pseudonym), is the son of a new immigrant, who lives in Kaohsiung City, Tai Lau District, father died after the death of his father, then he went to Vietnamese mother, a high school because of misleading friends infected with drug addiction Friends at home drug abuse was caught on the spot, was sentenced to education and into the honesty.

     Results published at the meeting, small South carefully for her mother massage shoulder, but also gently asked which side need to strengthen? After the end of the massage, my mother kissed on the small south cheek, gave him a hug to show encouragement, good feelings between mother and child is self-evident. Do not care about his mother, every month tirelessly far from the Kaohsiung North to Hsinchu to see him, small South said, "another month will be from the honesty, in order not to let my mother disappointed, he hoped that during the day to find a difference , At night for foot massage, if the business is good, the future want to start their own business! Hope to let her mother live a good day, no longer worry about his disappointment!

     Peach Bamboo Miao Branch of the self-training section chief Liu Hongjun in his speech when the transfer of the special director of the board of directors of the blessing and encouragement of the students, but also said that since the beginning of 99 branches, one after another with Chengzheng middle school, Taoyuan juvenile nursing home and other correctional institutions, through the start of catering, creative fruit and drinks and drinks modulation, store service and management, health foot body Shu pressure, compound catering, motorcycle repair and painting practice and star hotel staff Practical training and other vocational training courses, has been counseling nearly 280 high-care juvenile upgrade skills.

     Liu Hongjun also said that the "health care foot full of pressure teacher class" is three times with Chengzheng secondary cooperation, the future will be required through the introduction of courses through the course, so that learning content and industry synchronization, the future of students in employment Can learn to apply, seamless convergence!

     In his speech, Mr. Cheng Hongming, who was a former physical education teacher, director of education and senior high school principals and also received the priestly priest award, said that honest students were young, minded, self-demand and future , He encouraged students to study and try to find their own interests and direction, even after leaving the probation education, but also to learn the technology as a "job" or "spare" skills in order to survive in the community. Not to correct the organs of the way, but to the role of educators, Yan Hong Ming to encourage students to "happy learning", through a wide range of knowledge and skills to learn to establish their own direction and needs, even leave the probation education , But also can learn to integrate into society, so that life on track

     Humorous Yan Hongming principals, not only personally accept the students Shu pressure massage skills, but also affectionately recommended to the parents of students of technology, punch lines such as beads tease live laughter. (Photo by the Taizhu Miao Branch / Labor Department Labor Development Agency Taizhu Miao Branch and the Department of Justice Department of Correctional Services is working together for the "health care foot full of pressure teacher class", selected on the eve of Mother's Day Held the results published, 28 probation juvenile chorus "Please let me serve you!")

health care foot full of pressure teacher class
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