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Correction schools introduce music education, what can music bring to these misguided teenagers?

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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In a middle school with the strictest control and the highest wall in Hsinchu, a group of teenagers with absolutely no musical foundation have practiced singing for less than a year and recorded their chorus results presentation last month. 28th) was officially allocated on the Internet, I hope everyone will give support and affirmation.

Chengzheng Middle School is different from ordinary middle schools. It is a correctional school directly under the jurisdiction of the Corrections Department of the Ministry of Justice. Since the end of 2021, Chengzheng Middle School has joined the music education program led by the Shangeng 365 Foundation. The conductor will enter the campus with strict security every week to lead the group of teenagers, and slowly break through the group of teenagers with a relaxed and warm teaching method. heart defense. Within a few months, I practiced singing Jay Chou's "Snail", the well-known graduation song "Dream Blueprint", and the movie theme song "Those Years". Conductor Zhao Xiaoling said, everyone asked me what kind of progress music can bring to these children. What I want is that they can feel the joy of singing and music. The biggest point is to let them express through music.
Before the official recording, the teenagers put on full suits and formal attire, some were shy, some showed off their postures, laughing and laughing on the stage. Under the guidance of a good environment, they followed every child around you and me There is not much difference; during the official recording, the first shot shows serious eyes and a rough but sincere voice. The lyrics in the song Snail "I want to climb up step by step, waiting for the sun to quietly look at its face, a small day has big dreams, I have a day that belongs to me" exactly sang their inner voice.


People who support music education are welcome to watch online concerts, and give more recognition to this group of teenagers who need more love in society.

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