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Chengzheng Middle School special examination room. student exam

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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Zhumiao Examination Area 111 Junior High School Education Association Examination Committee assisted Chengzheng Middle School to set up a special examination room in the school, so that the junior high school graduates who received probation education can take the junior high school education examination in the school, not only students do not have to worry about being exposed to strange eyes when they go out to take the test, the school also Reduce the risk of guarding students going out for exams.

On May 21 and 22, 2011, for the National Secondary Education Examination held on May 21, 2011, Principal Chen Hongyi of Chengzheng Middle School made a special trip to the examination room to cheer for the students and thank the invigilators for their hard work. Students abide by the rules of the test room throughout the whole process, and the invigilators praise the students for their excellent order.

Chengzheng Middle School counted 15 students registering for the National Secondary Education Examination. Because 2 students borrowed, the actual number of students who took the exam was 13. The exam was successfully completed at noon on the second day.

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