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Studying in Bamboo Cuts and Correction School's First Cross-School Cooperative Course

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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Chengzheng Middle School was the first to create a juvenile correction school, and cooperated with the National Vocational School in Hsinchu area to handle the cross-school "NPDL Deep Learning · Travelling in Bamboo Valley - Using My Voice and Pictures to Accompany You in Bamboo Valley" on May 13, 2011 Online teaching leads the juvenile correction education to enter the innovative milestone of integrating information into teaching.

Chengzheng Middle School conducts courses through online teaching and cross-school interaction through the connection of video equipment. Through the interaction and sharing between teachers and students of the two schools, the students of Chengzheng Middle School can understand the local culture of bamboo cuttings and identify with the locality. The course was lively and the students felt very fresh and interesting until the end of the course.

The combination of information technology in the teaching of various subjects is an indispensable teaching mode to inspire students to learn. However, juvenile correction schools are limited by the considerations of guard safety and equipment capacity, and in the past have always had a high threshold for integrating information into teaching. When the COVID-19 epidemic is heating up and the country is implementing a three-level epidemic prevention alert, the Corrections Department of the Ministry of Justice and the National and Preschool Education Department of the Ministry of Education assisted Chengzheng Middle School to build optical fiber lines and network infrastructure, and set up distance teaching in each class. Video equipment provides a good environment for online teaching.

In the future, Chengzheng Middle School will continue to promote the integration of information into teaching and inter-school cooperative courses under the premise of taking into account guarding and information security, so that within the high wall of juvenile correctional education, there will be a teaching model and teaching quality that keeps pace with the times.

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