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Our School held a school sports competition

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Our School held a school sports competition on September 27, 2011. On the eve of Teachers' Day, the principal wished all the school staff a happy Teacher's Day, and awarded service awards to colleagues who have served in the school for 20 years, thanking colleagues for their dedication and dedication to correctional education . A month before the games, the military

The unit sent volleyball-specialized coaches to support volleyball teaching. After a month of training, the players in each class improved their volleyball skills a lot.

The 1250-meter long-distance running competition in this year's sports meeting is very competitive. Especially in May this year, the new crown epidemic broke out. Many students have been diagnosed, and their cardiopulmonary function was affected. After daily self-endurance training and practice speed distribution, they can Keeping up with the team and sprinting all the way through the last lap or two is the final victory.

The medicine ball throw is relatively rare in general school sports, but it is a must-have game every year in Chengzheng. Holding a 5kg medicine ball in both hands, the feet are shoulder-width apart, and the core muscles are tightened and thrown to the back of the body. It takes great arm strength, muscular endurance and skill to throw the medicine ball as far as possible. Many children did not get a name in the first year of the competition, but after practice in the second year, they achieved a rapid success and won the ranking.

The most exciting moment of the Games is the brigade relay. This year, several classes of players were in the track and field varsity team. The most exciting part of the game is the moment when the backward team catches up with the previous team. Up and down, until the last fight for the last stick, and finally who will win the prize.

The School Celebration Games is one of the happy times for honest children every year. Through sports competitions, they can increase their self-confidence, learn the spirit of winning without being arrogant or losing, and find the original sunny self.

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