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Investigate the career development needs of students, and plan the "111-year career development Go-test activity" in combination with the curriculum of the Ministry of Labor

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  • Last updated:2022-11-21
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In order to understand the needs of students’ career exploration, Chengzheng Middle School took the automobile and locomotive maintenance technical training class as the object of the questionnaire, combined with the theme of the career development lectures of the Ministry of Labor, and investigated the topics that students in the technical training class are most interested in during the career exploration process. "Communication" and "Self-growth", the most desired courses are "Employment Preparation" and "Career Planning". On October 28, 2011, career counseling lecturers from the Ministry of Labor were invited to the school to hold the "111 Career Development Go-Test Activity". The course incorporates students' opinions, and through on-site impromptu interaction, it answers the confusion of interpersonal communication and career development .

A total of 28 students participated in this activity, and the overwhelming response can be used as a reference for future related activities. The goal of the activity is to enhance the understanding of the importance of career planning, use the Holland career interest work personality evaluation sheet to help students understand personal characteristics and the types of jobs that are suitable for them, and promote students to think about their suitable career options.

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