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Quanta Tour Guide Master Finals Won the Honor

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  • Last updated:2023-07-05
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For the first time, Chengzheng Secondary School trained young tour guides to participate in the "Quanta Amusement Award" tour guide competition. Li student won the honor in the middle school group with "Tataga Star Track", and student Chen won the middle school group with "Curved Wood Rocking Chair" The masterpiece, student Liu, was shortlisted in the secondary school group with "Little Prickly Thorn", and the results are outstanding!

Quanta Culture and Education Foundation's 14th "Quanta Amusement Awards" Tour Guide Finals and Awards Ceremony, held on July 1, 2012, at the Quanta Group Headquarters Guangyi Hall, with participants from all over Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia, etc. A total of 1,515 students signed up for the competition. The biggest challenge of the tour guide competition is to randomly select paintings to guide, which not only tests the students' on-the-spot reaction, but also needs to show proficient guiding skills.

In recent years, Chengzheng Middle School has participated in Quanta's "Traveling in the Arts" program "Eternal Dialogue in Hometown-Taiwan Exhibition Three Youths", "Literary Shaoxing-Song Chao is Fun", and "Seeing the Small and Knowing the Beauty and Stunning New Horizons" touring exhibitions, allowing correctional schools Children can enjoy art exhibits at school. The 30th brand-new theme of the project, "Traveling in Brush and Ink Traveling in the Famous Oriental Paintings" will be exhibited by various schools in Hsinchu County in the 2012 school year. We will lead the students to immerse themselves in the famous oriental paintings, learn to be moved, understand respect, Explore the future.

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