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[Press Release] Awakening Youth: Repairing Together for a Better Future - Chengjheng High School Wins First Prize in National Civic Action Plan Competition

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  • Last updated:2024-04-02
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Chengjheng High School's student team, "Awakening Youth," participated in the "13th National Civic Action Plan Competition" held at National Taiwan University from March 24th in the year 113, and was awarded the first place nationwide - with distinction! Judge Fu Xiaoxuan from the Judicial Yuan and Principal Chen Hongyi from Chengjheng High School accompanied the students throughout, witnessing this glorious moment together.

This year, Chengjheng High School participated for the first time in the National Civic Action Plan Competition organized by the Private Foundation for Civilian Education and Rule of Law. When the host announced the victory of "Awakening Youth," both teachers and students were inexplicably excited, and the venue was filled with thunderous applause.

"Awakening Youth" from Chengjheng High School felt deeply about the increasingly serious problem of campus bullying. Some members had experienced both being bullied and being bullies themselves. Therefore, they decided to compete with the theme of restorative justice, "Restoring You and Me, Walking Hand in Hand." Under the guidance of their civics teacher, Wu Yumei, they prepared for this topic, aiming to empower the students, make them visible, and help them be accepted by society after graduation. At the same time, by taking on such a challenging task, they aimed to step out of their comfort zones and uphold the spirit of never giving up.

Deng Shougang, the Director of Academic Affairs, believes that students participating in the National Civic Action Plan Competition fully embody the core competencies of the 108 curriculum: students focus on restorative justice, which aligns with moral practice and civic awareness. From defining problems, researching policies, proposing policies, to formulating and implementing action plans, they have practiced systems thinking and problem-solving, planning and execution, innovation and adaptability, as well as interpersonal relationships and teamwork. The students' outstanding performances at the finals showcased their communication skills and self-improvement.

Principal Chen Hongyi said that although the children of Chengjheng High School may be unruly, as long as they are provided with suitable stages for their talents, they can achieve outstanding results, just like birds without wings learning to fly thousands of miles, or horses without wings running thousands of miles like the mythical creature, the Red Hare.

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